Axel Ranisch – Director, Writer, Actor

Born in 1983 in Berlin Lichtenberg, as the fat child of two competitive athletes, he initially harbors a critical distance to the medium of film. It was not until 2002 that this attitude changed abruptly with his first short film (which was made by accident). Since then, Axel produced films on a non-stop basis and in the following seven years, he made around 80 short films on his own and several others as actor, writer, film composer or editor. After a qualification in media pedagogy in 2002/03, he studies directing with Rosa von Praunheim and Andreas Kleinert at the HFF “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam Babelsberg from 2004 to 2011. From 2012 to 2014, he studied with Helke Misselwitz as a master student. Axel remains true to his style and makes films with heart, music and humor, happily without a script and based on improvisation. Axel’s films have been touring at countless small and large film festivals since 2002 and have repeatedly received awards.

In 2011, Axel founded the production company “Sehr gute Filme” with fellow students Dennis Pauls and Anne Banker, as well as actor Heiko Pinkowski. In addition to films for the big screen, Axel also shoots for television, preferably formats for children and young adults. He also directs operas, works as an actor and writes radio plays, libretti and novels.